All You Need to Know About the Hip Flexors

All You Need to Know About the Hip Flexors

What is Hip Flexor?

The first thing you should clear in your head is what hip flexors are. Well, if we talk about this in an easy terminology, the hip flexors are the set of muscles that help you move your legs in different directions. To move your bones, muscles are attached to your body. So when you move your legs to your chest, there are few sets of muscles involved in this movement and many of them are attached to the pelvic bone. When you move your leg, some of them get contracted, while some get relaxed. This is how you can move your body normally. On the other hand, if these muscles are strained or overworked, this condition is known as pulled hip flexors. The symptom of this condition is severe pain in the legs while walking or bending the legs.


There are few ways to get rid of this issue soon. Following are some of them:

1. Rest:

One way to deal with the pulled hip flexor is to take a lot of rest. The rest can help the muscles to mend themselves on their own and you can get on your feet soon. There are 3 grades of this injury. In first grade, the muscle is only bruised due to overwork. In second grade injury, the ligaments are damaged and in the third-grade injury, the muscle tissue is also damaged. However, if you take plenty of rest, these muscles can easily repair themselves.

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2. Home remedies:

There are different kinds of home remedies that you can do in such situation. For example, you can use the famous technique of using heat and ice packs to get rid of the pain. Apply them to the affected area for a few minutes and see the result for yourself. You can also eat natural painkillers. Use warm milk to boost your calcium level.

3. Exercises:

There are a few exercises which can help you deal with the muscular issues and the best way to learn them is through an expert. Get an appointment with the physiotherapist and ask him about the relevant exercises. Not all of them are good for you, so keep that in mind.

4. Medicines:

Medicines are the magic in the world of science. They are small and they can help you get rid of many infections in no time. There are many medicines available in the market, which helps you to get rid of the pain in a matter of hours. All you have to do is to take them after your meal and see the results for yourself. In the first grade injury, most doctors recommend the medicines.

5. Surgery:

Surgery is one of the rarest and last options to consider in these issues. These muscles repair themselves on their own. However, if yours is taking too much time, you can consider doing the surgery too, but it has its own drawbacks too. The first thing is that it is so expensive, and it holds its risks too. SO think before you decide.

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