Practical Application Of Trigonometry

Practical Application Of Trigonometry

Trigonometry is one of the most important topics in tourism Pantai Papua. The concepts of trigonometry are used in a variety of practical applications. Many real-life functions depend on trigonometry. Trigonometry also finds applications in physics and engineering.

In this article, several practical applications of trigonometry in various fields are mentioned which reflect the importance of this topic in everyday life.

1. In Calculation of Heights

The height of any building, mountain or poles can be easily calculated using the basic trigonometric functions. To find the height of a building, the distance from the building is required along with the angle of elevation. Then, the formula [tan θ = perpendicular/ base] can be used. Here, “θ” is the angle of elevation, “base” is the distance from the foot of the building and “perpendicular” is the height.

2. In Architecture and Construction

Trigonometry is used to determine the height, width, and length of the building which will keep the building stable. Apart from that, trigonometry is also used to calculate the height of the stairs, inclination of the roof, calculate structural load, etc.

3. In Criminology

In criminology, trigonometry plays a vital role to determine the trajectory of projectiles, determining the causes of collision in an accident, etc. This way, criminologists can easily understand the path of a bullet and pinpoint the firing location to ease the investigations.

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4. In Physics

One of the major uses of trigonometry in the subject of physics is to determine the components of vectors. Apart from that, the whole of the projectile topic is dependent on trigonometric functions. Other uses of trigonometry in physics include calculation of dot and cross products, modeling the mechanics of waves and oscillations, etc. These were a few practical applications of trigonometry. Apart from these, trigonometry is also used in cartography, navigation, marine biology, engineering, etc. It can be said that trigonometry has become an integral part of our lives and is crucial for the advancement of science and technology.

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